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Make life easier for you, let us here at ‘We are panda’ design, build and manage your online presence. From logo, brand colours and typography through to the whole website and social accounts we can look after all of this for you.

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A new website

New business or a website refresh, we can help build you a professional, optimised and responsive website. We can start with you from design through development until it goes live and then even manage the website for you letting you focus on running your business.

My website updated

Websites can get old pretty quickly, if you have a website that’s over 2 or 3 years old it might be worth thinking about a refresh. Some will last longer but there are a lot of websites that do not age gracefully.

My website fixed

With the best will in the world you can’t stop things going wrong on your website, from time-to-time. Malicious attacks happen frequently, even on small websites. If however, there is something on your website that’s broken we can help troubleshoot and implement a fix for you.

Get higher in Google

Not as easy as some will have you believe, but with some research and a little hard work we can help get your website ranking high for your keywords.

WordPress training

WordPress still is one of the most popular systems on which to build a website and we’ll help you understand how to use it to it’s full capability. You can do a lot without knowing any code.


Email marketing or paid advertising, like Google AdWords, we can help guide you in the right direction and get things running to help drive traffic to your website.

A logo

Something to instantly recognise a brand, a logo is a very important element to a successful business. We’ve helped many businesses develop a brand that locals can easily spot. Let us help you be noticed.

A brand for my business

A brand will need a lot more than just a logo, it will need consistency throughout all media. You’ll need a logo, a colour scheme, the right typography and brand guidelines.


A new business will need everything to help it succeed. We’ll work with you to develop your logo and evolve your brand and build you a fantastic website to convert your users to buyers.

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