This bit is all about us…

Who are ‘We are panda’?

We are panda is a business partnership designed to help established businesses and start-ups of all shapes and sizes grow and fulfill their potential.

Each partner plays an equal role in building and managing each website and brand. Without one, the other would be as useful as a Stormtrooper in a blaster fight. * 1 point for the Star Wars reference

What we do

We focus on building bespoke websites to suit our client’s individual needs. We have worked with individuals, small and local businesses through to global companies. Some with simple information sites and others with complex e-commerce sites selling their products online and offline!

Along with our website services we offer digital marketing campaigns including building followers on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and helping you to build content across your channel, including social but also keeping a blog up to date and even building a growing YouTube channel audience.

We love design and can provide you not only a professional looking logo, but also a complete matching brand to help elevate your business above your competitors, and to augment your branding we can provide a real consistent online identity including images and videos for all your online content.

The team


…is a web developer.

With over 7 years experience building, managing and developing websites, blog and ecommerce stores, Paul has the capability to make a website do whatever you need it to do, within reason, websites don’t sing or dance.

A seasoned web developer with numerous published website plugins under his belt!

Paul has also spent the last 5-6 years working on website analytics and has recently renewed his Google Analytics basic training, so he’s got a shiny certificate. This just lets you know that we can interpret what Google Analytics is saying to help improve your website’s usability.


…is a web designer.

For over 10 years Alan has been designing and building all sorts of websites. His amazing designs start their life purely as thought, then they are made real on paper, meticulously laid out into Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and then finally converted into code for the world to adore. With a keen eye for UX he often drives Paul mad with his pixel perfect layouts.. but the finished product is always worth it. Check out the portfolio to see for yourself.

Alan also creates fun and informative animations for our clients social networks… nothing sticks in the mind like a shareable video!

So what does any of this have to do with Pandas?

Well we named the company because we are Paul and Alan… think about it…

Also for every new website client that joins us, we do this…

What we’ve been doing recently…