WordPress training for your business

We build almost all of our websites using WordPress , so we are well versed in how to run and manage them from a webmaster perspective. We also manage and run our own websites built in WordPress too!

With our expertise we can train your webmaster to us WordPress to carry out some, if not all, of your day-to-day website content updates. This means you can be far more proactive online while lowering your ongoing costs.


What would you teach me?

We’ll cover the basics of inserting and editing content, adding images, simple maintenance tasks to ensure your database doesn’t get clogged.
Depending on the website we can also show you how certain plugins work and how to use them properly.

Adding and Editing Content

We’ll show you how easy it is to add new content including pages and blog posts, and how to update all your existing content, pages and posts

Adding Images

Uploading photographs straight from your camera to your website is one of the fastest ways to slow it down, photographs can be huge!
Your WordPress site will automatically resize and optimise your images as you upload them, it also creates different sizes of each photo, so if you only need to display a small image you can.

If required we can also help you choose some additional software optimise your images even more before uploading them to the website, this will help keep you server nice and lightweight but also speed up page load times for people browsing your website. If you think your website is going to have a lot of images, then let us know and we can help you keep your site in tip-top shape.

From DSLR Camera

Resolution: 5184 × 3456 pixels
File size: 14.4MB

Web Optimised

Resolution: 1600 x 800 pixels
File size: 0.35MB

Simple Maintenance

Over time your website database can fill up with lots of unused or unwanted information, revisions to old blog posts, automated comments which could be classed as spam etc.. Over a period of time these can slowly start to slow down your database and therefore your website. We’ll show you some quick and easy tasks to perform which will prevent this and keep your website nice and speedy!

Our experience

We’ve delivered WordPress training to almost all of the clients for whom we’ve built websites, external companies who have lost their in-house guru and need some help and even individuals who want to start their own site/business.

How is the training delivered

Depending on the complexity, we can do the training virtually using online tools to view and share screens and also in person. we’re happy to come to you and sit down and do one-to-one training. We’ll agree the objectives beforehand and work through each subject, while we do structure the training – we’re happy to make it more free-form to suit your requirements and learning style.

Sign me up!

Managing a website is not an easy job so don’t be afraid to ask for some help and remember you don’t have to have a website built by ‘We are panda’ to have us come and help you out.

So if you need some assistance with your WordPress website, get in touch.