Website management & support

Your website has launched, your business is now online! Everyone gets a pat on the back for a job well done …and then what?

Building and launching a great website is just one step on a long road to fulfilling its potential. Marketing is another important step along the journey, but an equally important part (the part most people forget about!) is the upkeep of the site.

‘We are panda’, offer a full suite of website management tools to our clients, but in a nutshell – we’ll take care of the website, leaving you time to take care of business.

  • Day-to-day running
  • Website hosting
  • Domain name management
  • Analytics reports
  • Content updates
  • Social network management
  • Security & backups
  • Software updates & upgrades

Priority website support

All our clients get access to our priority support system, it’s called Bamboo (get it?), and allows you to log work requests or problems with us. It’s better than a simple email as it allows you track your request and see if it’s in progress.

But whether you use Bamboo, email or phone to contact us.. we’re here and ready to help!

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website management - support

website management - software upgrades and updates

“Great websites are never finished”

It’s true.
If you put your website online, forget about it and hope for the best (so many business’ do!), then it’s doomed to fail.

Much like ‘painting the Forth Bridge’, your website is never really finished. It will ALWAYS need new content, search engines like Google and Bing push your site further up in the search results if the content is updated frequently.
We can help you plan, write and put your content online and then promote is across different social channels.

As well as content, software needs to be updated, think about your laptops, phones and apps, they always need to be updated and a website is no different. Technology changes and your website needs to change with it, or fall behind.

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Google Analytics Dashboard

What’s happening on your website?

You can’t just assume your site is doing OK just because you’re getting some orders.

Yes, that’s great, but your website could be doing so much better.

This is where analytics play a key role. We can see what people are doing, where they’re from, why they’re leaving and what brings them to your website in the first place.

All of this an more will help sculpt each page and funnel to get more people converting and coming back for more.

We offer a weekly / monthly analytical report to find these thing out and act on them

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