Building a new website

The process of building a brand new website can be a long one, months. Whether you have a website and just need a refresh or if you are completely new and need your first website – we can work with you to create something amazing.

Here’s a really quick looks at the new website process with We are Panda.


Sounds boring, but it’s necessary. We are panda will actively look into your business and the industry to help put together a word-map which will aid in design of the logo (if needed), branding and the website theme.


Together with the information found out in the ‘Research’ stage we will talk through some ideas with you with some wireframes and early logo theme ideas.

Once we have all agreed the right path we will go ahead and set up the development site on which to start building the website.


The development sites are stored on the same server spec as the live site will be (if the site is to be hosted by us), this means there will be less likelihood of any unforeseen issues when transferring the site to the live environment.

The development site will be protected and hidden from prying eyes, you will have complete access to the site and can log in at any time to see how things are progressing.

During the development stage we will meet many times to discuss the progress and amend anything along the way.


When we are happy with the functionality and theme of the site we will look to User Test the whole website with both yourselves and third party testers (best to get an outside view on things). If you already have a site we can look at testing the new site on your current users by diurecting them to the development site to trial it.

Any bugs or User Experience issues found during testing will then be carried out.


Hooray! It’s time to launch the new site, so we will take care of transferring it over to the live environment and can even work with you to spread the news on your social accounts.


While all websites we build will come Search Engine Optimised (SEO) we recommend taking on one of our monthly support packages to ensure your content and functionality stay in tip-top condition.

Ready to build?

If you’re ready to start your journey to a fantastic new website then we’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can work together to create exactly what your business needs.