Website Audits

We offer a range of website audits including SEO and a technical check. We have various tools to aid us in scanning your site and all it’s pages to get a full overview.

After running the scan(s) we can find out a number of issues that may need addressing, such as…

  • Incorrectly formatted or missing meta tags
  • Broken links or images
  • Missing title or alt tags for images and links
  • Slow pages and what’s slowing them down
website auditScreaming Frog

We’ll fix it for you

If you know your website has a problem, or if our audit shows up a few bugs we can help out and fix it.

We can’t say how long things will take until we know the problem, so things can take from anywhere between a few hours to a few days or weeks. It all depends on the site setup and the problem that needs fixing.

Let’s get cracking…