Company Branding made simple

Having a recognisable business logo is the first step to creating a memorable, distinct and trusted image… your business brand.

Your brand includes obvious visual elements such as a logo, and colour scheme but also includes the font you use online and in printed documentation and the language (the way you talk) you use in documentation, correspondence off and online.. all these elements add up to make your brand something more than just a logo.

Your brand is the image your business projects to your customers. Do you want to be seen as professional, efficient, fun, approachable or even quirky? Your brand can help do this for your business.

  • Business Logo design
  • Color scheme
  • Fonts
  • Recognisable imagery
  • Print templates (letter heads/ business cards)
  • Vehicle graphic templates

Brand examples

WavsGB Logo

Let’s build your brand together

Building a good brand starts with you.

We’ll work with you to discover what you want to achieve, and how your customers will interact with it.
We’ll take any existing business logos or imagery you have and work them up into a new contemporary look for your business or we’ll start from scratch to create your new image.

Once we’ve agreed colours and fonts and completed your logo we’ll provide you with a brand guideline document which details all the elements that go towards making your brand.

Brand guidelines are useful for other designers and suppliers who may be providing other work for your business (printers etc) and ensures consistency of your brand.

OLM Logo

Just the logo…

While we think a brand is beneficial for every business, maybe it’s something you want to build over time.

We’re happy to work on any single element for you – whether it’s choosing the right colours or designing a new professional logo for your business – we’re happy to help and advise.

Whatever design work you need, we can help.
Get in touch and let us know what your requirements are and we’ll provide you with a design to stand out from the crowd.
Let’s discuss design…

WavsGB Logo