After the success of VansGB, Roberts Bath Ltd decided to expand into Wheelchair Access vehicles (WAVS) They requested a new brand and website for the soon to be WavsGB.
The website needed to be easy to use by visitors and staff alike, and be able to be updated anytime. The site needed to handle simple purchase and hire enquiries in an informative but not condescending way.
We studied the competition and realised that many of the existing websites were very generic and cold and just re-skinnned car showroom sites. We gave WavsGB a friendly and approachable quality, with a bright relatable colour scheme along with a memorable hopeful logo. The site and brand shares many elements with VansGB to reflect the family feel (this is a family run company), but with specific elements that wheelchair users and their carers will find helpful. The website has been built in WordPress using a bespoke theme, fully SEO optimised and with a highly performing AdWords campaign.


In addition to the website and brand, we have recently begun a campaign to promote WavsGB through other channels especially Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. You can see the fun ‘explainer’ animation we produced for WavsGB here:

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