VansGB is now one of the leading and highest rated van hire companies in Bath and Somerset.

We were approached in 2010 by ‘Roberts4Bath’ for a new website, as their current website was aged and not performing. After talking to them, appraising the website, the company and its goals, we built up a ‘big picture’, and put together a proposal for a complete re-brand.

In 2011, the new website launched with a new and memorable name: VansGB, a bright new distinctive logo, new friendly brand colours, presence on the major social media channels and a highly functional and SEO optimised website built in WordPress. Thew new website swiftly grew both the brand profile, locally and nationally, as well as commercial returns.

In 2015 the site was refreshed with the new focus on van hire, the core of the business. An updated logo was designed, along with a slightly brighter colour scheme and streamlined website.

Video marketing

We’ve also recently started a new video campaign to promote VansGB and it’s services using short, bright and fun animated videos to enhance and promote the brand through Facebook and YouTube.
Videos was produced in-house by We Are Panda.

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