OLM Audio

Oli is a a sound designer, composer, audio engineer and creative audio producer with over a decade’s experience in the sound and music industries.

He needed a website to start attracting clients of his own to build on his existing success.

Based in Madrid, Oli plans to keep a regularly updated blog and list of already completed work on the website. With that in mind, WordPress was the perfect solution as it allowed us and Oli to login easily and add/edit the content.

The site was originally commissioned to a different developer, but the overall look and feel of the site was not working and didn’t really match Oli’s personality. We took over the project and re-branded OLM with a bold new logo, matching colour scheme and reworked the site to make it simpler and more appealing.

A few fun elements were added, including the animated graphic equaliser and a few interactions with the Olm itself to create a memorable site.

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OLM Audio

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