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We’d worked with Frocester Engineering since 2011, so when they approached us for a new website we were really excited to help them update thier online image.

However this turned into more than a simple website update. Frocester was expanding into new markets, no longer just an engineering company they were now also offering electrical, fire safety and security services.

After a couple of meetings it became clear that the site would need to utilise the WordPress Multisite functionality and some bespoke development to reach their goals.

A theme was created using an existing framework and working in conjunction with their design team we produced a ‘master theme’ which would be could be applied to the different companies with the group.

Easy to update

The new Frocester Group website is five websites in one, with the new Group homepage acting as the hub pulling everything else together. The four sub-sites are dedicated to providing more detailed information about services and past projects.

Staff from each sub-company can have a log-in to their own site and add blog/news items and new projects to the portfolio – all of which are shared on Facebook. The master group site can feed blog and news added directly through to the relevant sub sites automatically created new blogs posts relevant to each sub-company.

We are continuing to manage the website taking care of any non-blog content updates and making sure that the software is always up to date and secure.

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Frocester group

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