Cotmor Tool & Presswork

Cotmor Tool and Presswork are a great example of a company who had an existing website, which just wasn’t working for them.

Based in the West Midlands, Cotmor are a metal pressing and tool making company with clients from all over the world making use of their expertise in their products.

Cotmor had an existing website built using WordPress, but the site was under performing and was not appearing anywhere in Google results. Their existing site was using a very standard WordPress theme but didn’t really have a natural flow or direct people to get in contact. Cotmor offer a wide range of services and the content of the site was over-explaining and making the service proposition seem overly complicated.

We discussed with Cotmor who their customers were, what they were looking for and what they wanted to get from the website. Once we had the information, we set about creating a slightly modified friendlier colour palette, rewriting the copy to make it less jargon heavy but still informative and giving the website a whole new look… and of course being responsive so it can be read easily on mobile.

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Cotmor Tool & Presswork

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