Bunkr is an ‘in-house’ project led by Alan.

As lovers of the outdoors we always found it difficult to find budget places to stay when we travelled to various National Parks around the UK. There is plenty of accommodation out there, but not a central place to find it. So we decided to remedy that ourselves…

Using a highly-customised ‘off-the-shelf’ solution we created a website which would enable property owners to list and manage their own accommodation. We also created a recognisable brand for Bunkr and accompanying social channels.

The Bunkr website soft-launched in late 2013, then with the information gained over the first few months, we tweaked the design and proposition, launching fully in early 2014. The site is now the No.1 bunkhouse Directory in Google and is growing in popularity, with almost 500 properties listed on the site it has become the go to destination for people looking for budget adventure accommodation in the UK.

We’re currently working on a new design for the site, expected to launch mid 2017, which will bring it right up to date with the latest web features and standards.

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